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#Park 146

Project Name : Park146 Location : Srijundon Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand 18.772985, 98.997321 Client : Khun Pojjani Jindasaison Year : Dec 2016 Service type : Architecture, Interior & Corporate Design

Synopsis :

-100 sq.w. of rectangular land is accessible from the 6 meters width front road.

-Maximize of land use in term of total area with upper floor are following business feasibility.

-Prioritize shaping facade, front and side elevation due to noticeable factor.

-Reducing heart transmission with greenery view by Vegetable plantation on balcony. Mixed use of residential purposes from owner living space and service apartment. 6 Stories building has been designed for fully function with fully equipped. Natural light, ventilation and plantation in the building creating the natural touch inside while guests are able to participate the workshop in vegetable plantation on the roof top as new experience.

Design Director : Tul Lekutai Corporate Design Director : Methee Bangkha Head of Design : Wiw Chompujan Administrator : Pitprapai Bangkha


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