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#DesignactionBDG 2016 Bandung, guest speaker.

Event : Indesignation 2016.

Date : 11-13 Nov 2016

City : Bandung Indonesia.

Organizer : BCCF (Bandung Creative City Forum)

2 Public speakings, 2 Events, 2 Days at Bandung Indonesia among with other 4 distinguished international guest speakers.

1. Ridwan Kamil; Mayor of City of Bandung. 2. Josyane Franc; Founder of Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne from France. 3. Issabella Haas; Founder of ADEL's City from Finland. 4. Prof Dr.Cho Joung Hyung; Pukyong national university from South Korea.

#BCCF #Designation #DesignactionBDG #RidwanKamil #JosyaneFranc #IssabellaHaas #ProfDrChoJoungHyung

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