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Komorebi House

According to Japanese architectural inspiration 'Wabisabi' 

the true beauty of nature. 

Komorebi meaning

Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.

We see light as something represent life,

everything in the middle is the best.

not too much, not too little like Komorebi.

Imagine you sit under the tree with slightly sunlight through the leave.

The space, function and proportion are carefully designed balance.

Client / 

Khun Tanyaporn Kraiphubhet

Role / 

Architectural & Interior Design

Team /

Design Director : Tul Lekutai
Head of Design  : Chanikan Malaihuan
Design Team     : Rutthichai Chaiyadet,
Nassareen Sunsern,   
Administrator   :  Pitprapai Bangkha

Year / 


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