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Who we are


Deco Moda Studio offers complete innovative solutions for architecture, products, packaging and environments. The firm is built upon people of diverse backgrounds and deep experiences within vast fields. Each elevates broad understandings as well as enhancing a better design interdisciplinary. Adapting to various methodologies, exceptional designs are created by our team.



Why us

Unlike most design firms, Deco Moda Studio is situated among rich exotic cultures and natural surroundings. We have long been inspired by eastern ways of living, where heritages reflect human emotions and appeals, guiding our designs towards unthought of creative paths.

Our systematic data collection, intimate understanding and interaction with local resources and artisans give us unconventional techniques and insights. Integrating it with our strong design foundations, we are able to complete distinct, individualistic and unique solutions for all types of businesses.

What we do

Good designs and services are the results of great inspirations as well as a well-formed strategy. Research and information gathering are done extensively by our observant and insightful team. We uncover creative opportunities by unconventionally focusing on external and internal environments of the client’s businesses. This includes consumers’ needs, technical advancements and our client’s company culture and context among other things.

Making elaborate connections with our clients and working closely together to understand and explore different aspects and possibilities is our priority. A successful collaboration naturally delivers relevant and effective design solutions.